Monday, 2 December 2013

WIP Camaro update

This afternoon I have gone back to my Camaro model to start adding the little details which set the model off. I have now modelled the headlights, both grills and the fog lights. Luckily for this model both grills on the front of the car are relatively similar so I was able to re use the geometry from the grill with the headlights built in and re adapt it to fit in below. The headlights on this car are pretty much just a simple projector light behind a lens so that wasn't too difficult to produce but the reflector for the lights ( the bit that sits around the bulb that reflects the light out) was a little bit tricky to get looking right but I'm happy with how it looks at the moment. 

Moving on to the fog lights. Having to cut holes in geometry is always a bit of a nuisance and I have learnt from previous models that it can sometimes be tricky to get the hole looking nicely rounded all the way around. I find by having a cylinder in the position of the hole and then pulling vertices to trace the outline tends to work quite well. All you then need to do is extract the relevant faces back, add a bevel and voila, with luck you will have a decent looking hole. That said most of the time you will find you will need to tweak some vertices depending on how close other faces and vertices are to the hole but I do think it always looks good when done right and adds more intriquet detail with more depth.

Being an American car you also tend to find the shapes are pretty blocky and straight forward. The Americans seem to like naming their cars after animals/nature than designing them on them so they generally lack curves and smooth bits like you tend to see on European and Japanese cars. That said I do like the look of them and they to look more aggressive than most of the European and Japanese vehicles. Anway enough blabbing on, heres an image of the car and its new said pieces:

One last thing, The smudges/burns that appear on the previous render turned out to be caused by final gather, I'm still not quite sure why but it doesnt seem to like the lighter colour background where as black seems to be working okay. Its a bit strange and it didn't used to do it so I dont know what iv broken =/

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