Monday, 9 December 2013

Camaro Bodywork Finalising

Towards the end of last week i managed to finish up the rear of the car by adding in the lights, exhausts and the rear splitter. The frustrating part about this process was that I had noticed I had made a slight error previously with the piece of bodywork that houses the rear lights, there should have been a divider extruded from that piece of geometry which I had missed out. I had to rectify this by tweaking the edge loops and bevels from the current geometry to make it all fit in which I would say it does quite well. 

The rear splitter was probably one of the more difficult pieces to make because not all angles of the blueprint had it all on show, especially the top and side angles. This meant that referencing from photgraphs was critical to achieve the correct look which also meant it was more time consuming than other parts that were previously made. Again I dont think that it looks too bad and ended up slotting in quite nicely.

The one thing I am not 100% sure about with this model is the slightly raised edge that goes throughout the centre of the whole car, I can not decide if it is too raised or not as it looks a little sharp to me but other than that I am quite happy with the outcome so far. 

All that is left to do now is to make the specific wheels for the camaro as I am still using the wheels from the Bugatti which I wouldnt say fit right.

I think they may also be a couple of small dents towards the rear that will need smoothing out too but on the whole, I would say the bodywork is now complete!

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