Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Camaro Model update

So today I have been working towards building up the back end of the car and the roof to try and finish off the main structure off the vehicle and to have the model starting to represent the Camaro that I am trying to re create. 

Today has been an absolute night mare of a day, to start things off my computer has decided that it wants to randomly shut off with no warning and lose all my work for me. So after hours of trying to find the cause and failing I thought I would just attempt to push on through. Anyway I have managed to model the majority of the car now and things are looking pretty good, I did have a bit of a mix up with some face normals but they were not a problem to sort out and are all facing the correct way again. The rear quarter section of the car had proven quite difficult to model because of the way the back of the car is just two pieces of geometry. As you can see from the image the rear wheel arch is the same piece as the back of the car so having to create topology to make the wheel arch look nice, be efficient and flow around the rest of the car was a challenge. The roof and boot of the car were straight forward and caused no issues so all in all in went relatively smoothly. Ideally I want this model finished by the end of the week which should easily be achievable as long as my computer doesn't decide to breakdown again!

After looking at this render I've noticed what look like burn marks at the front of the car? The geometry seems fine so I'm not sure why this has happened, I'm guessing its something to do with the render settings.

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