Friday, 1 November 2013

Cheverolet Camaro Model

I have recently started another modelling project, i say recently quite loosely (around a month ago). I have decided to model another car as this is ideally the route I would love to pursue at some point in my career. With the Camaro being one of my favourite vehicles I thought I would give it a go. I particularly enjoy all the prep work before modelling, (after aligning the images in Maya) with all the reference guides etc as when done right all the modelling just tends to fall into place so its worth spending the extra bit of time making sure the guides are all placed correctly.

Referring to photos has proven key on this model so far, twice I have thought a panel was finished and extruded the edges out for depth and then beveled to then find that in fact the line on the reference image which I thought was the end of the panel was in fact just a bend.. The Camaro tends to have really big panels which go quite a way around the car, especially towards the back as it incorporates the roof as well as the back quarter panel! This is quite a difference to the Bugatti I have previously made as that tended to have smaller more separate panels which in a way made the geometry easier to manage due to less bends and creases. It is proving a good challenge and is making me think more about where I place new edges, vertices and bevels.

I have attached below some work in progress of the model and up to date the front of the car is nearing a draft completion. Its a satisfying feeling seeing the separate parts of the car come together.

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