Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Lifting weights...

........ Soooo how i under estimated the difficulty of this task.

First of all i thought i would go back to basics and use pencil on paper and draw each frame as i went as i like this technique a lot. It was quite stressful if im honest trying to get the character to look pursuasive with what they were doing. There are some positions which look like they should have been exagerated more such as the hold in the lift the back should be arched more to emphesize the weight and the character struggling with it.

I feel it looks okay i suppose but i know with some more effort and some anticipation before the lift that it would look 100 times better and more believable. I guess i know this for next time anyway, it also looks too jumpy which wasn't intentional.

I do like the actual movements though but overall feel it could of been better.

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