Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Epic fail of a walk =(

Sooo this week we were to animate a walk. I am used to producing walk cycles but i found this hard to try and make the character actually walk from A to B.
I decided to use a stick man as i thought it would be 'easy'... actually wasn't as easy as i thought because it confused the life out of me when the legs crossed etc. I did take a gamble by doing it in flash instead of paper and pencil this week and i thought i would try it with out reference to see if i could make it off of the top of my head (which i clearly couldn't). I gave up in the end which is why theres no secondary animation as i ended up getting stressed with the walk and thought ..... start again.
Any way i think i will give this another go again soon but stick to a medium i know i can definately do comfortably and also give myself a bit more time and a reference!

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