Saturday, 6 February 2010

Background project.

Right iv not been on here in a while so thought its probably time to get back into the swing of things soo, we have been working on a background project with kathy. I have found this quite an amusing project as it is to me out of the ordinary and iv never done this sort of thing before (apart from sketching of course).
We had to do an exterior image painted and one in pencil, i honestly preferred the pencil method by far as its where I feel at home at and i'm also not a huge fan of paint.
I like the pencil drawn one as it shows a lot of tone and a lot more detail to the painting one although I am pleased with how the tree turned out on the colour one. Iv not used water colours much before but i found them really easy to control and blend to give different tones.
Any way here they are to have a look at yourself,

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