Friday, 19 February 2010

Flash Project conceptual ideas.

Whilst listening to the provided sound clips I was thinking of animals that I could apply to the voice/s. I have chosen the second clip around half way through with the voice of Alice Kemp (Fine art student) mainly because I liked bit when she says "Oooo English Essay" and can imagine having fun animating it. For some reason whilst I was listening I thought of either an Owl or Cat/Kitten as I could imagine her voice coming from one of the two.
My final outcome at the moment is a kitten standing on a tree stump with its paws on a wire fence. I thought it looked like neighbours chatting over a fence as in real life, it also does look like its in a pose for conversation.

I drew out a couple of quick sketches of what I thought would work as an animation:

If the text next to the images are not visible enough it says:

(From top to bottom) 'Having a quick doodle I thought about having a cat on a fence talk for my animation. After watching the previous 1st years attempts i thought this would work in a creature comforts style.

Or was thinking a bird on a perch and thought an owl would be a good choice because i can imagine them talking for some odd reason'

I also find it a lot easier to draw animals than humans and fine them more exciting to animate and interact with.

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