Thursday, 19 April 2012

Kernal animating continued, more modelling and professional practise.

I have finally finished this shot (was done over a week ago in all honesty) so it is ready to be rendered out now and made to look pretty!

Untitled from Ryan Mace on Vimeo.

I have also had to make another tree for the outside shot when Leonard drops the seed and it grows. We are still discussing ways to get the tree to grow from a seed with methods flickering between blend shapes and rigging the tree, the later is probably the route we will go down. It was made the same as the original tree as in, modelled in Maya, moved over to Mudbox for some sculpting and exporting a normals map and then texturing in Photoshop (as you do) and applying the moss via a mask over a displacement map so that it sits in the creases.
The tree still needs leaves but  over than that it is done, nice and simple.

This week i have also started work designing my website, for me it is nice to go back to my graphics roots and design something like this as its a nice change to what i have recently been doing. It is coming along nicely, i have chosen to keep it nice and simple to keep the focus on the work but have also thought about the colour palette as i want it to feel calm and approachable, so i have settled for some fairly neutral and natural colours.

Things are starting to creep up on me now though as i all of a sudden have a lot more work on than what im used to. As of next week i will start to collect foiley sounds for the film 'Pasty Child' which is an area within animation i have been interested by and have wanted to give it a go for a while now so i see it as a good opportunity to get involved in more aspects of a production. I have also given a thought to my Innovations project as well which will be issued tomorrow, i think i am going to stick to something along the lines of modelling/sculpting but obviously be innovative about it and carefully choose what i am going to produce.

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