Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Animating for Kernal!

As all of the modelling and texturing is now complete on the project the team are now focusing getting all of the animation complete therefore everyone including me have been asked to get involved with it. Im not the most confident of people when it comes to this as i feel i lack the understanding of how the body functions and some of the basic rules that apply to animating. I gave it a go anyway and have near enough completed my first shot of the film which is only 4 seconds long which has still taken nearly a week for me to complete.

Im quite proud of the sequence as it has turned out better than i thought it would have, im mostly putting it down to my understanding of maya as i am now more confident in using the programme. The only thing i have struggled with is the secondary animation, other than that it has been fine. I only have a playblast at the moment but it is getting there. If we can keep the workflow up then theres no reason why this film wont get finished in time, this has definitely cheered me up as its an exciting prospect!

Kernal Animating sc1_sh5 from Ryan Mace on Vimeo.

I know it probably doesnt look like much to you at the moment but its a good feeling to be involved with various parts of a film that you originally didnt think you would touch. The work rate of the Kernal team is brilliant at the moment and its good to see people pitching in and helping out with areas of the film so we can get it complete! It will definitely be a pretty animation once finished.

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