Thursday, 9 February 2012

Plant Textures

This week i have been working on some textures for the plants. I have found that relying on photos is a bit hit and miss and that textures tend to look better when done by hand, it is also nice to see a model bought to life with colour as it makes a big difference (obviously). These were all done in photoshop mostly with a dry brush to give that dabbed look. I have also thrown in a couple of renders of the greenhouse with the plants, tree and cloud processor in their locations.

This last picture is of condensation and some grime on the window of the door that leads into the greenhouse. The condensation was done with paint effects which were then converted into polygons and then had a glass preset form mia_materials applied. I think it looks pretty good even in an unlit scene, the poly count is quite high but it will only be used for close ups otherwise we will be using a bump map.

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