Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Kernal Tree update

The Kernal tree is about done now, the textures are applied and it has now been referenced into the greenhouse scene. There were a few problems with bad uv's on some of the leaves which caused a bit of confusion but patience and some scripts solved these issues. I have enlarged the tree for these renders as after a discussion we have agreed that the tree, being the centre piece of the greenhouse couldnt really be the smallest plant in the environment. After re scaling it, it now fills the greenhouse a lot more and does look more effective than before.I still need to texture the vines and add some moss to the texture to sit in the dark crevices of the dark parts of the bark. 

Another thing i have noticed is that now the glass of the greenhouse has been textured it now looks (to me) a bit like everything inside is under water, this might be due to the glass causing a gaussian blur look or maybe the deformation of the glass for the pipes.

Any way, its looking good =)

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