Monday, 30 January 2012

Some times you have to go backwards to go forwards

So after talking to Olly about the sculpt i have done of the tree he realised what it is that is missing as the extra detail has made it more obvious and that is that the tree looks quite bare and could do with some extra branches and MORE leaves! (Sick of the things now >.< ). Anyway whether i liked it or not he was right, so i transferred the sculpt into maya to find the poly count was to high to even think about doing any modelling on it so i had to turn the sub div levels down in mudbox so it was workable. I have now added the extra branches but when i updated the mudbox scene it had a fit and would just add a new object to the scene instead of updating it with the new geometry so i think i may be lucky and be able to take the displacement map from the sculpt and apply it to the new version of the tree, if not il just have to sculpt the tree again which would be a shame but not the end of the world.

Updated model:

It does look better but i think i have made a mistake in just putting the new branches in random places as im not sure if it looks right now... I suppose at the end of the day trees can grow in unpredictable ways so it may be okay.

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