Sunday, 6 November 2011

Tron Lightbike

Another little side project for me, playing around with NURBS this time as i want to get used to them and learn how they work. So far i like the simplicity of adding shaders as you can apply different ones to different parts of one object such as the wheels. They are also a nice and simple way of producing interesting and awkward objects that would probably be hard to make as a polygon. Also they are better for hard surfaces where as polygons are apparantly better for organic objects. The body of the bike will be made from polygons though and then converted to NURBS as the body is an organic like shape but will need to have a large hole cut straight through the centre which is where NURBS will be benefitial. My next step at the moment is to try and merge the seat into the body of the bike and then to continue working into the geometry to refine it.

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