Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Third year FMP idea and reference images.

I have decided that my third year final major project is going to be a 2 minute documentary style, 3D CGI animation of Santa Pod Raceway. I will be focusing on the history of the venue and how the racing has developed over time. The basic idea so far is for it to be quick, snappy and sharp. The animation will start with a birds eye view of the location and to then pan the camera down towards eye level. I like the idea of using the drag strip as a kind of timeline and try and have the vehicles develop as they race down the strip along with the enviroment building itself up to suit but i dont want them to reach the finish line as it would be saying that development has reached its peak. Where possible i will use a back drop insstead of animating the complete scenary. To make all this work I will want to use a few camera angles which will hopefully capture the effect im after.
There will be a fair bit of modeling to be done but depending on how quick the vehicle will develop as its moving will depend on how highly detailed they will need to be which will hopefully save time.
I also had an idea of animating the paint works of the car on the start line to try and give them a bit of a character that will try and intimidate the other car, hopefully making it a bit different.

The problems that i think i will encounter are to do with dynamics such as the flames and smoke that gets produced. Other than that it should all hopefully be okay.

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  1. Hey dude,

    Sounds like a cool idea..

    You may be able add flames, smoke etc using footage of the real thing and composite it in. Apparently thats what they do in the Vfx industry. Pete Felsted has the compositors toolkit which has hundreds of bits of footage with these effects on.