Wednesday, 5 October 2011

After a re-think

I have started to think a bit more about this idea since yesterday and the first thing i have changed is the style. I think it would work better in the style of an introduction to a video game rather than a documentary. It was never really a documentary idea i suppose as there is no in depth information coming across so this is why i feel it would be a good idea to change it to save confusion.
I am also starting to question how visable it will be as well because i want it as life like as possible but im starting to think this may be a bit far-fetched and would have to settle for a stylized version instead which isnt what i originally had in mind.
I have roughly timed it out in my head as well and it came back just over 1minute which is also starting to make me wonder is it long enough? I know i want to be quick but is this too quick?

I think if i am going to carry on with this idea i need to get some visuals down on paper and start an in depth script.

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