Monday, 13 June 2011

Peter has a problem

For the pitch project I teamed up with Loz, Miguel, Grethe. The project didn't get off to the best of starts as i was away for the first week for my brothers wedding in Italy. 
Anyway once i was back and had caught up with the negotiated brief i started to get on with the pitch. The practice pitch wasn't expected to go very well (not for me anyway) as there wasn't a lot of progress to show them. This had us behind the other groups so we had to majorly re think our idea and get on with the presentation and pitch bible. We didn't get another chance for a rehearsal as there wasn't enough time amongst other projects so we had to turn up early on the day to go over it all so we all knew what we were doing and if any questions were asked we would be prepared to answer them. 
On the day i had the job of looking after the slideshow and making sure the correct slides were up on screen relevant to the talk. I also made the pitch bible (was given the images) and designed the layout, composition and the typography, i took this role as i thought id put my graphics background to a bit of use. The bible came out looking nice and simple but also direct to the point which is what i was after.
Here is the bible and our idea:

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