Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Finished Model, Long John Silver Back Ape

This is the final model of the Long John Silver Back Ape character for 'Doodles' my negotiated brief project. I feel overall it turned out really nicely, I would say there is enough detail in the model itself but just needs to be textured and posed for the poster, although I have a fully textured sword which il put up if i can find it.. As its hand in day tomorrow I don't think there is enough time to UV unwrap the whole model and then texture it as id need till the end of the week at least, especially for the fur as I would need to do a few tests on it to get it right =( I will carry on with it after the hand in though as id love to see it complete and I can imagine it would look pretty good as well. As for putting it into pose, well I've attempted it but it just looks weird... it may start to look okay at one angle then I turn it around and its all messed up in another perspective so it makes it harder to get the next limb in the right place, could maybe do with a couple more pictures for reference of the pose. At the end of the day though im very happy with the final outcome especially as the only creature iv modeled before was a low poly count fish so this is quite the opposite! With enough practice on creatures I think I may start to sway a bit more towards it over machines but as it stands machines are still my prefered choice to model.
There wasn't really any problems I encountered with the process of this model other than one or two mis-judgements of the reference pictures causing the face to look a bit strange but with a little guidance from Derek I managed to get it back on track soon enough.

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