Saturday, 28 July 2012

Experimenting with shaders part 1

So i am back from a short break away and the first thing i wanted to do was to make a start on the texturing for the models i have previously been modelling. I have started experimenting with shaders to try and get as close to the reference as i can before i start applying things like bump and speculars etc.
This is where i am so far:

I am satisfied with the white spring, rubber mount at the base and the chrome stanchion but iv found gold is a hard color to get right. Its hard to not make it look either brown or yellow so i still to make some tweaks on it but i am definitely liking it so far. These shaders are all mia_materials as well, i had a little look into them whilst working on Kernel but it was taking too long to get to grips with at the time as i was so busy. Its amazing what you can do with this shader, the versatility of it is brilliant.

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