Friday, 29 June 2012

Ohlins suspension shock

As I have recently been making the exhaust silencer I thought I would continue and move on to another part of the vehicle as I was starting to get a bit fed up with it and needed something fresh, I will go back to the exhaust at a later stage.

So I started out by looking at some reference images online to get an idea how it should look, I have based this on an Ohlins shock taken from a Ducati. I started about making the spring which is just a helix that i have flattened off on the top and bottom so that it will fit in. The bottom eye was quite fiddly as I couldnt get the bush to look properly but I think iv managed it okay in the end. The top eye was also a bit fiddly as I didnt want to have intersecting geometry so the 2 separate objects needed connecting in some way, luckily all that was needed was a couple of extra edge loops and it slotted together nicely.

As you can see the I have just placed the reservoir and valve in place to see what it will look like but with a bit of tweaking I cant see why it wont work.

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