Saturday, 10 March 2012

An update of the Kernal Greenhouse

As its been a while since my last post i thought i would upload the current state of the greenhouse scene that i have been working on. It is near enough finished now apart from some minor details to make it look a bit more used. I started being assigned a lot of textruring work for the greenhouse ranging from the plants to the paving slabes, to the cloud processor. This is an area within animation that i wasnt too familiar with but is something i have wanted to learn for some time now so i saw this as a brilliant opportunity to give it a go. All the UV's were unwrapped using road kill and then the textures were painted on in photoshop with the use of some photos that was taken by either I or another member of the team.

So first things first, the cloud processor. This was probably the hardest one of the lot to texture apart from maybe the tree. It is a finished prop and is now in the scene ready for use, I painted the textures and Olly tweaked the shaders to make it shiney. I really like how the bendy pipes came out especially with the shader applied as it looks like its reference, a shower hose (apart from the colours).

The paving slabes were made with a simple photo texture and a moss photo lightly painted over the top. Then turned into a bump map to give this look:

Next is the Lamps for the greenhouse, there are 4 of these in total and hang above the shelves with the plant pots on. Again the texture was simply made with a picture of metal and turned into a bump map but the colour is from the shader instead of the image. The light bulb is the same one as seen in the shed and will look a lot better once the lights have been applied.

Here is a quick show of some of the moss aorund the scene. There is quite a lot of it but it probably isnt very interesting to look at. Its started off with this single piece of moss and then it was stretched and duplicated around the scene to slot into the little cracks. I have also textured the metal pipes that run down into the pond, these can be briefly seen in the second image, was just a simple copper texture with some green sections painted in to make it look like it has oxidised.

 And the hanging moss, this was made from a series of planes, around 10 layered on top of each other to give this look. The idea and the texture was Olly's but the job of making it was given to me and it appears to work and looks really effective.

 The next thing on the list was to re make and texture the pedastal that the tree sits on. The look that we were after was to have it look like a piece of chiseled granite, again i think it looks and works nicely. It was made with a soccer ball and then pulled into shape and had a selected amount of edges bevelled to give the chiseled look.

 This is how all of the previous models look within the scene, i am really pleased with the look of it so far and am looking forward to seeing a rendered animated shot within this environment:

Overall i am really pleased with the recent progress of the project and now the story has been cut down further i cant see why it wont get finished now. So hopefully we will have a final film in the not so distant future!

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