Thursday, 26 January 2012

Kernal Tree and UV map

I have managed to finish this tree off now for good. I know the leaves arnt planes but they dont need to be sub divided so should be fine. Only the tree trunk and branches will be sub divided but its not too bad and after all the tree is a centre piece in the enviroment. I did have a few problems with uv sets as i forgot to un wrap the uv's for the first leaf so ended up (thanks to Brian) applying a script that copied all of the attributes from one leaf to all the others saving a lot if time but i now have a lot of uv sets.. shouldnt matter too much as they wont need to be edited now so will hopefully be okay.

All the leaves share the same uv layout which im hoping will look okay once textured as all the leaves will look the same although some of the leaves have slightly different geometry which im worried may cause messy textures which in turn will mean me going back and to try and find another way around it all.

And the tree with a bit of colour:

I know the colours basic but its so nice to see something other than a grey lambert!

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