Monday, 21 November 2011

Steering Stem

This is the steering stem for the bmx im modelling at the moment. It has taken me all morning which is quite frustrating but maya kept having little fits and crashing when using the crease tool so that went out the window and i reverted back to the edge loop method for the edges. It was actually fairly difficult as holes in maya again is horrible! well it used to be but iv done it enough times now and have got my head around it now back it just takes annoying amounts of time to get right.. Anyway it looks good which is the main thing and i like the allen head bolts in the ends which i found a nice simple way of getting the hexegon shape in there without booleans. (Chamfer vertex and tweek a bit). I have avoided making the threads for the bolts as the poly count would start to get a bit high for one little object but i may have to add that sort of thing in later if needed as (i think) there may be an exploded view of the bike in pieces.

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