Tuesday, 15 November 2011

More enviroment modelling

I have been carrying on with the green house enviroment for the Kernal project which has recently been pushed aside admittidly because of my dissertation. Anyway i have finished the pipes on the exterior give or take a couple of little things such as sealing the ends of loose pipes. I have also started to add in some basic interior and have decided to apply a slight camber to the whole interior to look like a drainage system that flows into the central pond. We are still thinking about how to apply the dome around the pipes so that still needs amending too.

I'm started to get a feel for this enviroment now, am also started to feel the mood of it as well which can only be benifitial.

Iv also made some potted plants. Well i didnt make the plant, i think Olly did but its in a pot.. which i made and some bump mapped dirt.

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