Thursday, 24 November 2011

First attempt on Making a Bush

As heading says, this is my first attempt of making a bush for the Kernal project. If im honest it may look pretty but theres possibly too many leaves as its a bit intense and bushyon the poly count side of things, considering each leave sub divided is 24 polys (ish) and without is around 10 ish. Iv put up two renders of the sub div'd version and non sub div. To be honest you could get away without the sub div. (third pic is non sub div):

I have also been playing around with the greenhouse and have corrected any pipes popping through the glass dome and have uv unwrapped everything (minus the pipes). I'm not too sure on the scale of the bridge at the moment but i can work on that. I have also added in the pipes around the pond and neatened the paving slabes. Its nice to see an update for this project.

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