Sunday, 25 September 2011

CRF450 model continued

I have now added the wheels to the bike. I thought i would go with a supermoto set up as i think it just looks cooler, luckily i already had a pretty good wheel in my model 'catalog'. I did have to edit it a bit though as i found a few imperfections with the spokes but has definitely saved me a lot of time as i havnt had to make a complete new set. I have put the rims and spokes in black and the hub in red as its a CRF i feels this is the only colour scheme i can have and to me anything else would just look wrong! 
I have also tweek the rad shrouds a bit as i wasnt keen on their shape towards the top of the tank so they now flow neater.
Anyway here is where i am so far, tanks in progress and the frame is nearly complete. I am very happy with it so far =)

It will be nice when the swingarm, rear shock and handlebars are done to give it a rolling chassis. This render could definitely do with some anti-aliasing!! >.<

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