Saturday, 21 May 2011

Projected History.

Yesterday was a very hectic day. As i will be away for a week as of monday i thought i would try and get as much work done for my negotiated brief as possible as i do not have Maya on my laptop to work on whilst away. Around mid day i noticed Simon was in the studio and could see he needed some help to finish up the project so i offered my assistance as we had all put a lot of time and effort into this project i wanted it to be complete. So my negotiated project was put on hold for the rest of the day so i could help Simon with the editing, final recordings and renders of the project which seemed to go on for ever. Things were going constantly wrong such as renders being to large to burn to disc or not playing, sound being completed distorted and unusable on the renders etc. We ended up having to use a P2 camera to record the final mock up piece which was a print out of the house (instead of a projection onto the real building) in a VR suite as it needed to be shown in context otherwise there would have been no point in it all. We could really start to feel the tension at around 8:00pm as it still was unfinished and the never ending wait for the computers to finish rendering was really starting to worry us. The studio managed to stay open for an extra half an hour for everyone to have that little bit more time, luckily for Simon and I we managed to get at least a rough render finished in time and even the TIF sequence was completed meaning that there was something to hand in with the bio and the press pack. We were kicked out at 9:30, so i had been in the studio for over 12 hours that day. This was definitely a new pressure level for me as i knew what it meant to him but I feel we handled it extremely well and managed to get extremely close to completion!

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