Friday, 18 March 2011

Post Production hand in

We finally finished this project today with literally 5 minutes to spare... It looks okay ish but i really do not like the dodgy effect with the fire fluids as the bin takes off, it just looks a bit rubbish really as the fire stops moving. I think this is due to moving the whole box rather than just the two emitters. Also the second bin looks a bit bland as it attempts to fly as i wanted it to bob a bit like an animated helicopter would but i really had no time left as the rendering needed to be done.
I did like my modeled bins as i can see my modeling improving and this was also done at the start of the term so my skills have improved more since as well. There have been a couple of things i can take away from this project:
-Basic rigging and weight painting
-Texture unwrapping using roadkill
-Apply fluids to meshes
The tracking was done nicely but we did spot a few mistakes near the end as you could actually see the original bins behind =( this would have needed rotoscoping to get sorted but there wasnt enough time for this, this did let it done a little.
I liked the concept of this project and it could have turned out really nicely but the time management was just too poor to produce anything spectacular.

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