Friday, 4 February 2011

Post Production Project

One of our latest projects which is to run alongside the crew assignment project is to do a VFX Post Production Animation of around 30 seconds long. For the this project i am working with Charlie and Insa. We have decided to base our story and characters on a couple of recycling bottle banks located in Falmouth Town train Station car park.
This was initially Charlies idea as he said he see's them alot and could picture characters being made from them as the have a few characteristics to play with.
I have set about modelling one of the bins and we are going to add it to the end of the line of recycling bins and use Match Mover to track the location of the bins. We have thought about using the hand held cam corder effect as it looks a little bit more formal and unexpected. The bins are to grow legs and arms and launch into the sky with smoke and fire trailing behind them, i was also thinking of one sneezing and a bottle flying out and smashing on the floor but we will see how things go before we make it too complicated.

As you can see from the two images above the 3D CGI bin is pretty close to the image and just needs a texture now which will make it look life like. I am happy with how it turned out and didn't take too long to make, i would say just a few hours to be honest. Im finally getting the hang of this modelling malarky =)

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