Sunday, 20 February 2011

Maya Modelling (Random)

Over the weekend i randomly started modelling and playing around in maya and have produced this:

Its just a wheel but i really like how it has started to turn out. I want it to look as realistic as possible which i feel it is heading towards quite nicely. I made it up completely off the top of my head as i was originally just doodling around with circles and it evolved a bit. You can sort of see i had no reference as objects such as the disc are wrong as they dont actually look like that... but it will do for the time being. I have also made the hub a little narrow so a sprocket cant actually fit on because if i made a chain at a latter date it would go straight through the wheel/tyre... oops.
I saw this as a good learning curve seeing how detailed i can get and manipulating multiple objects at once to try ad make life a little easier and at this rate il probably end up making a complete bike as i find myself getting too carried away!

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