Sunday, 23 January 2011

Current bits and bobs

So recently i have been working on Leah's rotoscoping and doing some modelling for Simon. Its been a very tedious ride so far with the rotoscoping and may ever so slightly be getting fed up with it as it is literally the same thing again and again and im not sure iv got the patience for it so wont be doing it again for my own work but if its got to be done then its got to be done. I have stuggled a bit with getting the same style for some reason which i dont understand as its very simple but i keep putting too much detail into the frames so im not sure how its going to turn out!
So far i have modelled a fish for Simon which just needs to be textured but i keep finding myself doing other things and just not getting around to it and when i have it also looks rubbish. I have also been assigned the job of modelling Tremough house aswell brick by brick so that it can be easily manipulated and pulled around etc so it seems that may also be a little tedious but I am intrigued by modelling and learning Maya so im not too bothered.

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