Monday, 1 November 2010

Origami Flying Bird

Today me and Charlie thought up some experimental design ideas just to play around with to see how easy or hard this Origami animation will be. So far i found it quite resonable to work with and there were no hic ups at all.
Looks fairly effective but maybe a little simple but it definately works.
I liked the idea of going from a screwed up ball to the animation as we discussed using folds but they seem to undo themselves so it was a bit tedious.

We were thinking of using After Effects to change the background but we may have a problem with shadows as we didnt get the lighting close to right. We also found that using the line tester that we messed up with dimensions as the bird 'flies' off but to the side and my hand is supposed to be facing the 'sky' and the fact the ball comes up from the bottom but we are both agreed we are inspired by MC Esher so surely this can be allowed....

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