Thursday, 27 May 2010

Character Walks Cycles

So being the leading animator in my group for this project i was given all the walk cycles to do (hardest job!). I feel i learnt alot about flash by doing this as it took me many hours of playing around to achieve a finish that i was reasonably happy with.
I found it very difficult to animate the characters walk towards and away from camera as the angles made things tricky. The Granny walk was pretty simple as she is wearing a dress and has no feet as they would not be in shot so i didnt see the point in animating them.
The walk cycle of Kate was also hard as she had really large hips so every movement towards the passing point i had to try and make them a bit thinner because of the angle of the shot. It took me a while but i think i done a reasonable job (even if the feet do look a little funny).
My most succesful cycle i feel is the side on view of Dave walking, i also by far spent the longest on this one as i knew it would be used the most and needed to make sure it didnt look like he was sliding.

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