Thursday, 29 April 2010

What What What Project

This term we have started a group project. The idea of this project is to only use the word 'What' 4 or 5 times. I find this sort of thing really interesting as it leaves a majority of the work to the audience as they have to piece together the script/dialogue in their head. We have kept the story pretty simple so far by sticking with every day actions and events that people could familiarise themselves with.

So far this is the story:

Int: House

Dave gets ready and leaves house.
Mother standing in the doorway arms crossed.
Dave gestures 'wot!?'

Ext: Outside House

Dave walks down the road.
He pulls out engagement ring box from inside his pocket.
Smiles and puts it back again.

Ext: In town, night

Meets Katie and is all over her.
They walk together.
Daves arm is round Katie.
They walk past 2 gay builders
Katie wolf whistles.
Dave Frowns at Katie. She goes "What?!!' (flirtacious and teasing)

They go to the club.
Stopped on the door by bouncer.
Dave gives him ID.
Bouncer gives Dave a suspicious look.
Dave is worried/nervous "what..?"
Bouncer lets Dave in.

Int: Busy Club Scene

Dave goes to buy drinks
Bar man gestures to a selection of drinks
Daves turns and sees Katie getting off with another guy (Henson.)
Storms over angrily looking at Henson.

The Henson guy smiles cockily "What..?!"
Dave punches him.

Int: Hospital. Day

Daves in bandages, Mother shaking head next to him.
Dave wakes up. Looking at his hands "whaa..att.." (what happened)
Looks to the side and sees that the ring has gone out of the box with the word WTF!?!
scrawled on a note inside the box.

Ext: Wedding. Day

We see ring as its put on Katies finger by Henson. And the married couple Kiss.
Int: Hospital. Day

The scene transits to a newspaper image handed to Dave by his Mother.
Dave goes WHAAAAATTTTTTT!??????

This our second idea we came up with because we ended up editing the first one so much it completely changed.
My job for this project is the Background Designs, Animating, Sound, Editing. I much prefer this sort of post production work over pre production as i prefer manipulating the images and making them do what I want.
Up to now iv designed a few rough backgrounds for the script, they are pretty basic at the moment but it is just to show the group the sort of thing im thinking of.
The animation will be made in either Flash or Toon Boom as we want to keep it 2D. The style id like to use would be pretty commercial as in Simpsons, Family Guy with bright colours and keep everything attractive to look at.

So here is the backgrounds so far: (I didnt have access to a scanner at the time so used a camera)

If these are approved of i am going to re do them but in more detail and also add colour to them by using water colour paints as i feel they can give good effects, blends and i find them easy to use.

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