Monday, 30 November 2009

My 2D Walk

Refering to our clips of us walking we were to produce a clip of ourselves walking in our own style for others to try and guess whos is who. I went back to drawing each frame out this time as i find it more of an achievement at the end. I also drew a full figure aswell so you can make out which body part is which more clearly.
If i was to do it again i would probably add a few more key frames in as i feel it jumps a little bit to quickly and sort of looks like a fast mechincal walk I would also atempt to exagerate things a bit more to make it look a bit more obvious. It seems to lack a few things such as the overlap, anticipation and a bit of 'flop' on the feet would have helped also. After experimenting i found that drawing the first and last frame and filling in the gaps is the easiest and most acurate way of doing this technique as you have an equal number of frames per step so it doesnt appear to limp.

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