Monday, 30 November 2009

3D Burt Walking

Sooo our 3D assignment this week was similar to the 2D project. We already had a pre made bi-ped to use called 'Burt'. Burt is a simple character shaped as a sphere with legs, we were to make Burt walk across the screen and not on the spot like the 2D version. I prefered doing the 3D one to the 2D as it made more sense to me how to make the object move and i find it easier to review the final piece and to alter little parts of it if necessary.
Overall i feel it went well but near the end it seems like it hesitates to take the last step and does seem a little 'spongey' and doesn't flow enough to my liking either.
I also like the idea of the 'GUI' as it helps alter certain parts of the figure easily and lets you reset things if you make a mistake.

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