Tuesday, 13 October 2009

My first Task of Uni.

Soo my first Assignment of uni started today.
We was to take a circle and Morph this shape into an object of our choice over 12 hand drawn frames which i found quite an exciting task as we were already going to start animating within our first week of term!
I had various thoughts of what to do but i wanted to keep it simple as it was only going to be 4 second long and this included 'Stops' and the clip reverting back to the circle so it would roughly only be 1 second shown.
I ended up settling on the idea if turning the circle into a seed and having it germinate as i liked the idea of the object growing and changing structure. So once i had chosen my initial thought i set about putting it together by drawing it all in. To do this i used a Light box so i could keep trace of the original circle and so i knew where my idea had to be positioned on the page and what had to be changed compared to the previous frame.
I started with my first and last frame and then started to fill the gaps in, so i then done frame 6 and then 3 so i just kept halfing the frames so i could keep it as close and simple as possible.
I then went over to the line tester and shot my images on the camera and placed it all together in Stop Motion Pro and then compiled it into a video clip.

Once everyones pieces had been handed in they were all put together into a short video so it looked like the circle/ball was constatnly morphing into each others work.

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