Friday, 16 October 2009


During an Animation technique lecture yesterday we were shown a few clips of a few different techniques. I found a few of these interesting so thought id post a couple up on here.
We looked at:

PES Film,
Dimension of Dialogue - Jan Svankmajer,

The Bedwetter - Der Bettnasser

I particularly liked 'The Bedwetter' and 'Dimension of Dialogue' as i found the stop motion intriguing as the speed they were fast animations and something was always catching your eye and kept it from being boring. Dimension of Dialogue also showed clay models which were also very well made and they were animated which i found a very complex method. The Bedwetter was more humorous as it portrayed a person doing random things and also showed different perspectives i.e the person changes in size relating to the next part so they all link together well.

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